About Me

My love of horses started when I was eleven when a small riding school in the next village offered to teach me to ride if I helped during the summer school holidays. Falling well and truly in love I went to college at 16 and spent five years studying equestrian studies and earned the qualification British Horse Society Assistant Instructor (recently renamed as BHS Stage 3 Coach in Complete Horsemanship) on top of my college qualifications (National Certificate in the Management of Horses and Advanced National Diploma in Equine & Business Studies). 

An unfortunate accident at the beginning of my career meant that I didn’t go into the industry, I followed another passion of mine instead, theatre, and so I started a career in acting. I worked as an actress up until the recession, as work started to dwindle I knew that I needed to diversify and adapt so I moved into producing and filmmaking. I was fortunate enough to be able to spend a year at Pinewood Studios shadowing a small production company and I learnt how to produce and tell stories from a different perspective.

To support my acting career I temped as a Personal Assistant, in the banking sector, from time to time. Additionally ran two small businesses; a wedding planning business, Lush Plush & Lavish and a coaching business, The Actors Café: Business Coaching for Actors. Due to personal reasons I closed the wedding planning business, but started The Actors Café, after seeing a gap in the market. Actors are taught how to act in drama school but not how to run a business. Of my success stories, one client is currently in Hollyoaks and another two successfully gained their visa’s and are now living and working in Los Angeles. I ran this small company for a number of years.

After a change in my health (my bipolar diagnosis) I moved out of London to Huntingdon. After an impromptu trip to Badminton Horse Trials I knew I was going back to horses, this time I’d be telling stories from behind the camera.

I learnt how to use a digital camera whilst at Pinewood studio and I have undergone specific equestrian photography training in advance of launching my business with The Training Barn (www.trainingbarn.co.uk). I’ve taken courses teaching you how to prepare and structure a successful portrait shoot, one that specialises in photographing just the horse for creative, fine art and editorial shoots, and a business specific course. The two tutors have 20+ years of industry experience and dial down into the client, how to find them, where to start with pricing and every other aspect that a sustainable photography business needs. They have many successful students now running equestrian photography businesses across the country.

Credit to my lovely friend, Tiffany Simpson

I have developed storytelling skills from my acting and producing background which I will use in my photography such as creative styling. And during my experience running a small business and as a Personal Assistant I have developed a number of transferable skills.

I’m based in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. But I will travel to, and with the client, as required across the United Kingdom.