Each year I chose a Charity that means inspires me or means something to me on a personal level.

This year I am so excited to be supporting Hannah’s Willberry Wonder Pony

Hannah Francis was tragically diagnosed with cancer, Osteosarcoma in the hip, at the far too young age of 17 years old. On a stand at Badminton Horse Trials a little soft toy horse waited for just the right owner, chosen by Jayne and Emily as a gift for Hannah, he was purchased and popped in a bag. Willberry became Hannah’s mascot and went everywhere with her.

Little did she know how famous he would become or how important her would be to her, and how much she would rely of him by her side. Together, they began chemotherapy 21 days after being diagnosed. The journey and fight against this awful disease had begun. They were going to do all that they could to beat it and before they knew it they had the whole world behind us them. Hannah and her wonder pony were #kickingcancersbutt.

The equestrian community and people all over the world have followed the story of Hannah and her mascot Willberry. Together they have inspired, amazed and brought tears to many eyes. Hannah told her story through her mascot, Willberry he was the perfect voice for her honest, emotional and insightful blogs.

Hannah Francis founded the charity to fund research into bone cancer, particularly Osteosarcoma and introduced ‘Willberry’s Wishes’ enabling seriously ill people to have an equine related wish to make them feel ‘normal’ even if it was just for a short time. Han was just 18 yrs old when she tragically passed away from this horrific painful disease.

There is so much more to read about Hannah and journey and Willberry’s journey too on their website here.

Get your own Berry Pony… but there is only one Willberry, he’s the one wearing the red scarf. I’m lucky enough to be giving a home to a descendent of Willberry, he’s called Wilson (he has a passport and everything) and you’ll soon see him join me on my adventures as I help raise awareness of this incredible charity and in Hannah’s memory keep on  #kickingcancersbutt

For every 3 in 1 frame that I sell, I will donate £20.00 to the incredible work of this charity.