September, a new Season is coming

How did we get to September already? 

My year could have been a bit of a disaster and an absolute write-off was it not for two incredibly lovely ladies.

On the back on my successful win of start-up business finance I was ready to get my new business moving!

And in the Summer of 2022, along with a small group of fellow equestrian photographers, I signed up for the Training Barn’s Yearlings course run buy two of the most renowned educators and mentors in this field that you could be lucky enough to spend a day with, let alone a year.

The Yearlings course started with two days in the New Forest in September of 2022. For those two days we focused on our cornerstones of our businesses. Working through goals and targets, we created boundaries and foundations on which our businesses would be built. We dove deeply into this important area, each of us sat around the table quietly working our way through the plentiful worksheets that we were given, with Emily and Hannah supporting us when needed.  We worked on our branding, our studio workflows, how to find clients and other goodies that excited us and sent us to bed exhausted but happy from the days work, and if that wasn’t enough we had two photoshoots.

The beginning of my Yearlings Year was looking like it was going to be an incredible one… and then in October after falling poorly I was told I might have sleep apnea, no more driving for Becky. 

So what to do? Stop the course, no chance!! I knew that I would gain everything that I needed from the Yearlings year that I needed to move my business to where I wanted it to be, there was no way that I was going to be able to learn that much myself in such a short time frame. And the friendships of those lovely ladies around the table were already growing. 

Inspired and encouraged by Emily and Hannah I was determined that I would still complete the goals that I had set for myself in that first session and as I sit here writing this today, I have hit everyone of those goals in spite of being poorly, and the fatigue that I was dealing with and not being able to drive.

You see not only do Emily and Hannah take your hand and metaphorically lead you through the course; teaching you all aspects of how to set up and run an equestrian business, how to pose your horse and rider, and all the elements that you get from the module breakdown they provide, they support “you” they have your back, they want you to succeed, they are on your side every step of the way, through every question and issue and if you have a ‘moment’ they guide you gently back onto the right path. 

One of the best things about this course, is the environment that they foster, the friendships that have been created from that first trip to the New Forest are incredible. I’m sat at the dining table right now of one lovely lady who is letting me download all manner of large files, like editing software, that my boat internet connection can’t handle. And another incredible lady drove me back and forth to the New Forest to make sure that I didn’t miss out on any of the in person sessions. And each morning in the New Forest before we went to the Training Barn we would all sit on the heath with a hot chocolate and watch the world start together. Occasionally being joined by the New Forest ponies.

So this is why I’ve been somewhat quiet these past few months on my blog, newsletter and socials. I was getting myself better and building a business that I’m so excited to share with you.

And if you’ve ever had even the tiniest of thoughts or dream of an equestrian photography career, this is where you go to train.

You often hear Emily and Hannah saying “get your ducks in a row” and the first duck in your row should be a Training Barn course!

And so back to work, so this is why I’ve been a bit quiet on my socials and newsletter of late. Sometimes we need to take a step back and look after ourselves.